Sony would work on a new smartphone that rolls well

HandphoneAndroid ~  While we are waiting for folding phones from Samsung and Huawei to go on sale, Sony seems to be working on some of its own flexible screen technology - but in this case we are talking about phones that can be rolled rather than foldable.

Tipster Max J from AllAboutSamsung said that he had original information about the prototype being worked on at Sony. Note that we are talking about a prototype here, so the details can change before full consumer launch.

The launchable Sony handset can be launched at the end of the year, rumors, using the Qualcomm X50 Modem Snapdragon 855 and 5G chipset. With that specification, don't expect low initial prices.

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  • Sony also makes digital cameras
  • Get ready for Google Pixel 4

Given the lack of strong evidence to support this claim, we will not have risked your house on them. They, however, are interesting clues about where Sony and other industries will go forward.

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