LG registers the name M10 for a new alignment, V60 and V70 also

HandphoneAndroid ~  Last month, LG launched a new line of smartphones from the W series consisting of W10, W30 and W30 Pro. The lineup was intended as a set of entry-level devices aimed at the Indian market. Like China, the line was launched in a flash sale on Amazon India that sold out in minutes.

After the success of the new line of devices of the W series, LG plans to launch a new line of M-series devices. By corroborating through a presentation before the KIPRIS (Intellectual Property Rights Information Service of Korea), LG has registered to use the name "M10" for a future device.

We assume that this is the base model for a line of M devices, perhaps numbered in the same way as the W series: M10, M30 and M30 Pro.

We wonder if the two have any similarities or if the M Series is intended only for specific markets, including South Korea. We have the impression that an M10 could be a low-end device compared to the W10.

At the same time that the trademark 'M10' was introduced, LG also requested two more names: 'V60' and 'V70'. The last device in the V-Series line is the V50, which is basically a 5G variant of the LG V40.

LG used to launch the next device of the V series during the summer. With the announcement of the V50 next to the LG G8, we may not see a V60 device until next year. In any case, these trademark presentations prove LG's plans to continue with the V Series for at least two more product cycles.

With LG's recently launched LG Pay in the US UU., It does not seem that the Korean phone manufacturer will give up competing in the short term. LG is still taking risks and is testing new features like Hand ID on the LG G8. Unfortunately, LG has not completely found the killer feature that would make it different from the Samsung and Huawei flagships.

Source :   gsmarena.com

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