Google Pixel 4 can have a 16 MP telephoto

HandphoneAndroid ~  Last month, in an unprecedented step, Google wanted to stay ahead of the leaks and decided to show us the approximate design of the back of the next Pixel 4, confirming the presence of two rear cameras - a first for the line.

google pixel 4

During this time, you may have wondered if the secondary unit was there with a telephoto lens or an ultra-wide, because for some reason, Google can not keep pace and simply has these two options next to a normal wide-angle lens in a triple setting.

The answer seems to be telephoto, which will not be good news for fans of ultra-wide shots. The presence of a telephoto lens of 16 MP was revealed by the code of the application Google Camera, which allows of course to take pictures on a pixel.

The developers of the Google Camera app have already started working on Pixel 4 support, with several references found in the code. A front-infrared sensor will also be new on the next-generation pixel, which will facilitate the new feature of recently discovered face authentication in the latest Android Q Beta.

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