August 7, Samsung Galaxy Note10 Unpacked event

HandphoneAndroid ~  Two weeks ago, the rumor about a possible August 7 Unpacked event in New York was perfect. Samsung has begun sending official invitations to an Unpacked event for 4 pm ET on Aug. 7 in New York, basically confirming the launch of the Galaxy Note10 lineup on that date.

The invitation has an S-Pen and a camera, so there is no doubt about what we will see. However, the appearance of the camera on the invitation, next to the S-Pen, can lead to speculation.

This could mean that we will see an updated camera system on the Galaxy Note10 and / or the Galaxy Note10 +. It could also mean that Samsung is trying to subtly hint at the unique perforation of the Infinity Display, which houses a single unit facing forward. Last but not least, the craziest of theories is that Samsung has managed to insert a camera into the S-Pen.

For the two Galaxy Note10 models, it is expected that, apart from a special device with a faster processor and possibly more RAM, the new single perforation screen mentioned above, a matrix of triple vertical cameras and a depth sensor at the back, as well as 5G capabilities.

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